Rasoi, simply translated is “kitchen” but the true essence of the word lies in its cultural translation, more than just a cooking space it embodies and enlivens the idea ‘Home is where Hearth is’.

Historically speaking and even today while designing the floor plan for the house great thought is put into location and directionality of the kitchen rendering it most conducive to positive vibes and healing energy!!
Across cultures it is the part of the house which truly makes it a ‘Home’. This is where the family gathers to share stories, laughter and delicious food. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Diwali the air gets laden with nostalgia when generations come together to cook, teach and learn culinary skills while building lasting memories……

Last but not the least ‘Rasoi’ gives even a deeper meaning to the phrase Atithi devo bhava(guest is like god) and no hospitality or entertaining is ever complete without a hearty meal!!!!

As one of its fundraising initiatives ‘VMCC Rasoi’ with the help of dedicated volunteers is planning to provide delicious home cooked meals available for takeout at the mandir during its regular hours of operation and will be ready for pickup around 11:00am on a first come, first serve basis.

HELP needed! the project is barely off the ground, it’s a learning curve as we iron out the kinks. In order to sustain and expand the scope we need more hands on deck.
Presently the project is self- fueled, volunteers are putting in their time, effort and the resources. Your help with cooking and/or donating the raw material will be much appreciated. Should there be any queries please reach out to any one of the committee members.

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